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A MEMBRANE SWITCHES is a self-adhesive product made of different quality materials, designed with an internal printed circuit board layout to operate the control panel.
The graphic motif of the product is designed according to the customer’s requirements with the possibility of different colour palettes, any shapes and sizes. We print on the underside of the film to provide protection from external influences such as dust, chemicals, cleaning and maintenance. It is designed to be fully customisable and attached to the required device.

The membrane keyboard contains adhesives of different thicknesses to facilitate mounting on the final device. It can also be designed with a transparent or translucent window, which is differently coloured with a screen filter. Depending on the complexity, the applicable keys may be embossed or convex to improve the appearance and add a higher quality to the use of the product. The contact key is a conductive layer mounted
on the inner layer of the graphic foil which, in the event of contact, closes the circuit of the lower contact foil.